The Credo

Posted by on May 6, 2014

About the UnNovelist

I am a writer currently working on a second novel while seeking representation for my first and spending my free hours here, with you.

This online resource is a glimpse of who I am as a writer and person. I believe in the power of art, the standard of art, and I believe in the artist.

Aristotle defined the earliest school of criticism by saying that literature should please and instruct.
Horace echoed his belief, saying that the writer aims to do two things—to produce a piece of writing that is both useful and delightful. Sixteen centuries later, Renaissance poet Sir Philip Sidney wrote in his Apology for Poetry that the purpose of literature is “to teach and delight.” 

If time proves premise, then indeed we write to teach and delight, as the notion has resonated through the ages, with post-modern poet Robert Frost saying that “writing begins in delight and ends in wisdom, resulting in a clarification of life.”

And so, commissioned with a twofold purpose, we—the artists—live a dual existence: one of which carries the aura of nobility, for we are children at play privileged above all to spend ourselves on our creative impulses; the other of which carries the stank of strife, for we labor over tittles and, true for most, haven’t two tittles to rub together.

On behalf of our Dreams, we dream of royalty—to one day entertain, engage, and enlarge the masses with visions of our Dreams that have been endowed with life through the eloquent arrangement of, yes, mere tittles.

To that end—for you and for me, the artist dreamers wanting to better our skills and secure our careers—I have compiled the resources you’ll find in these pages.

As a career, writing is a precarious venture and will forever remain a gamble. It shouldn’t surprise you to know, then, that above all, I believe in community. I imagine you would agree that we need each other, perhaps more so than any other professional needs the backing of his or her flock.

  • I believe in the power to persons ratio and the synergy of the artist-to-artist relationship.
  • I believe in creating ways to invest in each other.
  • I believe in celebrating and supporting fellow artists, in making ourselves available, in offering feedback and exchanging tips and insights.
  • I believe the bookshelves can hold us all.
  • I believe in buying each other’s books, reading each other’s books, in writing reviews if we liked the work and offering private critiques if we found the work lacking.
  • I believe in kindness.
  • I believe in humility, curiosity, and the pursuit of growth.
  • I believe in aspiring to master, refine, and invent throughout a lifetime.
  • I believe tenacity trumps all.
  • I believe the road is long and requires us to travel light, that we must give and give up much, that the realization of the Dream demands we shear off aspects of ourselves and cease to occupy parts of our lives.
  • I believe that the odds stacked against us are in flux, sometimes as broad and high as the Great Wall of China, sometimes as vulnerable as Jericho if the trumpet is blown just right.
  • I believe we can make it.
  • I believe we can make it better equipped and with a tad more ease if we journey together.

When you think of the efforts we pour into promotion, querying, and whatnot—and all with the hopes that others will pick up our cause—you have to wonder. If we aren’t willing to pick up each other’s cause, is it worth it? I mean, writing implies others, relies on others. It cannot possibly exist as an exclusive “me”. Simply by writing for those who will read acknowledges the greater community to which you and I belong.

Whether or not it’s achievable, my ideal is to ground this ethereal web that links us into something concrete—a grassroots pipeline that supports our processes.

If you’re onboard, register with TheUnNovelist, send me an email with your name and the title of your projects. I’ll build a members section where we can interact. Let’s do what we do—create something from nothing.