Clichés Are Old Potatoes

Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague


Above board
Ace in the hole
Ace up his sleeve
Achilles heel
Acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree
Actions speak louder than words
After my own heart
Airing dirty laundry
All bent out of shape
All bets are off
All dressed up and nowhere to go
All ears
All hands on deck
All in a day’s work
All in due time
All over the map
All paled in comparison
All talk and no action
All that glitters is not gold
All that jazz
All the bits and pieces
All thumbs
All wet
All’s fair in love and war
All’s well that ends well
An arm and a leg
An ax to grind
An oldie, but a goodie
Another day another dollar
Another nail in the coffin
Ants in his pants
Any port in a storm
Anything goes
Apple of my eye
Are you a man or a mouse?
Armed to the teeth
As all get out
As beautiful as the day is long
As far as the eye can see
As good as gold
As honest as the day is long
As luck would have it
As plain as the nose on your face
As snug as a bug in a rug
As the crow flies
As useful as tits on a bull
Ashes to ashes
Asleep at the wheel
Ass backwards
Ass over tea kettle
At the crack of dawn
At the drop of a hat
At the eleventh hour
At the end of my rope
At the end of the day…
At the last minute


Babe in the woods
Back against the wall
Back from the dead
Back in the saddle
Backseat driver
Back stabber
Back to square one  
Back to the drawing board
Backhanded compliment
Bad (Bum) wrap, A
Bad blood
Bad call
Bad hair day
Bad seed
Bad to the bone
Bags packed and ready to go
Bait and switch
Bald faced liar
Ball is in your court
Banging your head against a brick wall
Bank on it
Baptism by fire
Bare bones
Barge right in
Barking up the wrong tree
Basket case
Bat the idea around
Be in the same boat
Beat a dead horse
Beat around the bush

B Cont’d.

Beats me
Been there, done that
Beggars can’t be choosers
Behind the eight ball
Behind the times
Bells and whistles
Bend over backwards
Best thing since sliced bread
Bet the farm
Bet your bottom dollar
Better late than never
Better safe than sorry
Better than a kick in the teeth
Better than ever
Between a rock and a hard place, To be
Big as a house
Big as life
Big cheese
Big head
Big heart
Big mouth
Big picture
Big wig
Bigger they are, the harder they fall
Biological clock is ticking
Bite me
Bite off more than you can chew
Bite the bullet
Bite the dust
Bite your lip
Bite your tongue
Black as pitch
Blast from the past
Blaze a new trail
Blew him away
Blew his wad
Blind as a bat
Blind leading the blind
Blood money
Blow a gasket
Blow the whistle on
Blow this joint
Blow your brains out
Blowing smoke  
Blue Monday
Body is still warm
Boils down to
Bone of contention
Bone to pick
Bone up on
Bored to tears
Both barrels
Both feet on the ground
Bottom fell out
Bottom line
Bottom out
Bought the farm
Bounce back
Bowl someone over, To
Box yourself in
Bragging rights
Brain dead
Bread winner
Break a leg
Break ranks
Break the ice
Bright as a button
Bright future
Bring home the bacon
Bring it
Broke the bank
Brown nose
Buck naked
Buck stops here
Buckle down
Bump in the road
Bun in the oven
Burn the candle at both ends
Burn the midnight oil
Burn your bridges
Bury the hatchet
Business as usual
Business at hand
Bust a gut
Busy as a bee
Butterflies in his stomach
By the book
By the same token

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist