Clichés Are Old Potatoes

Clichés Fall On Deaf Ears


Early bird catches the worm
Early to bed, early to rise
Easy as 123
Easy as ABC
Easy as pie
Eat crow
Eat lead!
Eat like a horse
Eat my hat
Eat your gun
Eat your own dog food
Elephant in the room
Emotional roller coaster
End over end
Ends justify the means
Even keel
Even Stevens
Every dark cloud has a silver lining
Every dog has his day
Everyone has their cross to bear
Everything comes out in the wash
Everything but the kitchen sink
Everything’s coming up roses
Everything’s copasetic
Everything’s hunky dory
Eye for an eye


Face only a mother could love
Fair weather friend
Fall guy
Fall head over heels
Fall through the cracks
Falling off a log
Falling on deaf ears
Family affair
Fan the flames
Fancy meeting you here
Far cry

F Cont’d.

Fast buck
Fat chance
Feather in his cap
Federal case
Few bricks shy
Few fries short of a happy meal
Few sandwiches short of a picnic
Fickle finger of fate
Fight like cats and dogs
Filthy rich
Fine and dandy
Fine as wines
Fine line
Finer than frog hair
Firing on all cylinders
First things first
Fish out of water
Fit as a fiddle
Fit to be hung
Fit to be tied
Fits like a glove
Flash in the pan
Flat as a board
Flat as a pancake
Flip your lid
Flog a dead horse
Flown the coop
Fly by the seat of your pants
Fly in the ointment
Fly on the wall
Follow the leader
Forever and a day
Fork it over
Free as a bird
Free reign
Frog in my throat
Full of himself
Full of hot air
Funny business

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist