Clichés Are Old Potatoes

Hard to Swallow Clichés


Game is on the line
Game on
Get a life
Get a room
Get a word in edgewise
Get all worked up
Get an earful
Get back up on the horse
Get cleaned out
Get crushed
Get down
Get it
Get lost
Get my message?
Get out of Dodge
Get out of here
Get out of my hair
Get over the hump
Get the ball rolling
Get to the bottom of it
Get with the program
Get your arms around it
Get your ducks in a row
Get your feet wet
Get your foot in the door
Get your head in the game
Getting hitched
Give a hoot
Give and take
Give it a rest
Give it a whirl
Give me a hand
Give the shirt off your back
Give your right arm
Glimmer of hope
Gloss over
Glutton for punishment
Go against the grain
Go belly up
Go crazy
Go down hill
Go figure
Go fly a kite
Go for broke
Go head to head
Go jump in the lake
Go out in a blaze of glory
Go out on a limb
Go over his head
Go overboard
Go postal
Go the extra mile
Go through the motions
Go through the roof
Go with your gut
Going bananas
Gold digger
Golden child
Good call
Good rule of thumb
Good to go
Got a leg up
Got burned
Got him by the short hairs
Got lost in the shuffle
Got off on the wrong foot
Got under my skin
Got whooped
Got your nose all pushed out of shape (joint)
Grasping at straws
Grease a palm
Green eyed monster
Green around the edges
Green with envy
Greener pastures
Grin and bear it
Grinning from ear to ear
Ground rules
Groundhog day
Growing like a weed
Gunning for
Guns blazing
Gut check


Hand off
Handle it with kid gloves
Hands on
Handwriting is on the wall
Handy as a pocket on a shirt
Hang in there

H Cont’d.

Hang me out to dry
Hang on every word
Hang yourself
Happy as a clam
Happy as a lark
Happy as a pig in mud
Happy camper
Hard day’s night
Hard headed
Hard stop
Hard to swallow
Hare brained
Has a leg up
Hat in hand
Hate his guts
Have a cow
Have a heart
Have a heart attack
Have a shot
Have a stick up your ass
Have the last laugh
Haven’t got a penny to my name
Haven’t got a row to hoe
He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn
He has egg on his face
Head over heels
Heading for the poor house
Heads up
Heard it through the grapevine
Heart breaker
Heart of gold
Heart of stone
Heaven help us
Heaven’s to Betsy
Hell in a hand basket
Hell raiser
Hen pecked
Here today, gone tomorrow
Here’s mud in your eye
High as a kite
High hopes
High maintenance
Highway robbery
Hindsight is twenty/twenty
His bark is worse than his bite
History repeats itself
Hit below the belt
Hit pay dirt
Hit the books
Hit the bricks
Hit the deck!
Hit the hay
Hit the nail on the head
Hit the road
Hit the sack
Hog heaven
Hold the phone
Hold your horses
Holding all the cards
Holy cow
Hook me up
Hook, line and sinker
Hop, skip and a jump
Hope against hope
Hope springs eternal
Horse around
Horse of a different color
Hot as hell
Hot enough to fry an egg
Hump day
Hunker down


In a wink
In cold blood
In fine fettle
In for a penny, in for a pound
In harm’s way
In on the ground floor
In one fell swoop
In the black
In the cards
In the clear
In the hot seat
In the joint
In the nick of time
In the pink
In the red
In two shakes
In your dreams
In your face
Inched out
Indian giver

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist