Clichés Are Old Potatoes

Last Hurrah—Clichés Are Out


Jack of all trades
Jockeying for position
Joined at the hip
Jump down your throat
Jump in with both feet
Jump on the bandwagon
Jump the gun
Jumped his/her bones
Jury is still out
Just a cotton pickin’ minute here
Just a minute
Just a second
Just around the bend
Just fell off the turnip truck


Keep an eye out
Keep your fingers crossed
Keep your chin up
Keep your eyes open
Keep your hair on
Keeping up with the Joneses
Keeps his cards close to his vest
Keeps on ticking
Kick the bucket
Kick your feet up
Kick your heels
Kid in a candy store
King’s ransom
Kiss and tell
Knee-high to a grasshopper
Knife through butter
Knock it out of the park
Knock off
Knock your socks off
Know it like the back of my hand
Know the ropes
Know the score
Know what’s up
Know where you stand
Know which side your bread is buttered on
Knuckle down
Knuckle sandwich
Knuckle under
Kodak moment



Land of milk and honey
Last ditch effort
Last hurrah
Last but not least
Laugh a minute
Laugh all the way to the bank
Lay down the law
Lay my cards  on the table
Left at the altar
Legend in his own mind
Leopard doesn’t change its spots
Lesser of two evils
Let the cat out of the bag
Licking one’s wounds
Life is a bowl of cherries
Life’s a b#tch
Light as a feather
Light at the end of the tunnel
Lightning never strikes the same place twice
Lights are on but nobody’s home
Lights out
Like a bull in a china shop
Like a chicken with his head cut off
Like a coiled spring
Like father, like son
Like oil and water
Like there is no tomorrow
Like white on rice
Line in the sand
Lion’s share
Litmus test
Little bird told me
Little of this little of that
Live and learn
Living high off the hog
Lie like a rug
Lock, stock, and barrel
Long and short of it
Long arm of the law
Long in the tooth
Long row to hoe
Long shot
Long time no see
Long ways from Kansas
Look before you leap
Look over your shoulder
Looking for a needle in a haystack
Loose cannon
Lose your shirt
Lose your lunch
Luck of the draw

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist