Stale Bread of Clichés Spread Thickly

Stale Bread of Clichés Spread Thickly


Pack it in
Pain in the rear end
Pain in the neck
Paint yourself into a corner
Pandora’s box
Paper tiger
Par for the course
Pass away
Pass the buck
Pass the hat
Passed with flying colors
Path of least resistance take the
Pay lip service
Pay the piper
Pay through the nose
Peas in a pod
Pedal to the metal
Peel back the onion
Pencil me in
Penny for your thoughts
Penny pincher
Pick of the litter
Piece of cake
Pig headed
Pig out
Pin our hopes on
Plain and simple
Plain as day
Play ball
Play it by ear
Play second fiddle
Play the field
Play the hand you’re dealt
Poison the well
Poor as a church mouse
Pop a vein
Pot calling the kettle black
Pound for pound
Pound of flesh
Pound the pavement
Pound the table
Preach the choir
Pretty penny
Pull a rabbit out of a hat
Pull the wool over your eyes
Pull your leg
Punch his lights out
Pure as the driven snow
Push the envelope
Push your buttons
Pushing up daisies
Put a cork in it
Put a lid on it
Put a sock in it
Put it through its paces
Put on ice
Put out some feelers
Put two and two together
Put your best foot forward
Put your foot in your mouth
Put your heart into it


Rain on my parade
Raining cats and dogs
Raining pitchforks
Raise the bar
Raking in the money
Rat hole
Rat on
Rattle your cage
Raw end of the deal
Read between the lines
Read the fine print
Read the riot act
Real McCoy
Red carpet treatment
Red herring
Reinvent the wheel
Reopen an old wound
Rest on your laurels
Rhyme or reason
Right on the button
Right on the money
Right on the nose
Right up your alley
 Ring a bell
Road less traveled
Roll of the dice
Roll out the red carpet
Rolling in the dough
Rolling stone gathers no moss
Rollover on
Rotten to the core
Rough around the edges
Rough road
Rub salt in the wound
Rub your nose in it
Rubs me the wrong way
Run circles around
Run for your money
Run it up the flagpole


Same old song
Save your breath
Say what you will….
Say your prayers
Scared of his own shadow
Scraping the bottom of the barrel
Second banana
Second wind
See eye to eye
See the light
See which way the winds blow
Sensory overload
Separate the men from the boys
Separate the wheat from the chaff
Seven year itch
Sharp as a tack
Shed light on
Shoestring budget
Shoot from the hip
Shoot straight
Shoot the breeze
Shoot yourself in the foot
Shooting for the moon
Shop talk
Short changed
Short end of the stick
Short fuse
Shot in the dark
Shut your hole
Sick as a dog
Sick to death of it
Signed, sealed and delivered
Silence is golden
Sing like a bird
Sink or swim
Sink your teeth into
Sit tight
Skate on thin ice
Skeletons in the closet
Slam dunk
Slap on the back
Slipped through your fingers
Slippery slope
Slow as molasses
Sly as a fox
Small potatoes
Small world
Smoke and mirrors
Smoking gun
Smooth operator
Smooth over
Snail’s pace
Snow job
Snowball’s chance in hell
So close, you can taste it
Solid as a rock
Sound like a broken record
Sounds like a plan
Soup to nuts
Spinning your wheels
Spitting image
Split second
Splitting hairs
Spread the word
Spruce up
Stack the deck
State of the art
Stem the tide
Stepping on people’s toes
Stick a fork in it
Stick in the mud
Stick to your guns
Stiff as a board
Stone faced
Stone’s throw
Stop on a dime
Straight arrow
Stretch a dollar
String him along
Strong as an ox
Stubborn as a mule
Stuck out like a sore thumb
Stuffed shirt
Suck up
Swallow one’s pride
Sweat equity
Sweat the details
Sweep it under the rug
Sweet deal
Sweeten the pot
Swim against the tide
Swim up stream


Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist