Wake-up Call Clichés Are Yesterday's News

Wake-up Call: Clichés Are Yesterday’s News


Tail between his legs
Take a back seat to
Take a bath
Take a breather
Take a step back
Take five
Take it easy
Take it from me
Take it with a grain of salt
Take stock of
Take the bull by the horns
Take the easy way out
Take the gloves off
Take the plunge
Take the wind out of your sail
Take the world by storm
Take your life in your own hands
Taken for a ride
Taking the scenic route
Talk to the hand
Talk shop
Talk until you are blue in the face
Talking behind his back
Tall tale
Teacher’s pet
Team player
Tell it to me straight
Test the waters
Thank your lucky stars
That burns me up
That hits the spot
That’s a load off my mind
That’s for the birds
That’s the ticket
The bomb
Thick as pea soup
Thick headed
Third wheel
Thorn in my side
Three sheets to the wind
Threw a curve ball
Through thick and thin
Throw cold water on
Throw in the towel
Throw the book at him
Thrown to the wolves
Thumb your nose at
Thumbs up
Tickled pink
Tie the knot
Tight wad
Tighten your belt
Time after time
Time of your life
Time on your hands
To be honest with you
To each his own
Toy with
Toe the line
Tongue in cheek
Tongue lashing
Tongue tied
Took off like a bat out of hell
Took off like a shot
Toot his own horn
Tooth and nail
Top banana
Top dog
Toss me a bone
Toss your cookies
Touch and go
Tow the line
Tread lightly
Trial by fire
Tried and true
Trip over your tongue
Trojan horse
Turn on a dime
Twiddling your thumbs
Twist my arm
Twist of fate
Two left feet



Ugly as sin
Under a microscope
Under her thumb
Under the gun
Under the knife
Under the table
Under your nose
Until the cows come home
Up a creek without a paddle
Up for grabs
Up in arms
Up the ante
Uphill battle


Wait for the ink to dry
Wait for the dust to settle
Wait for the other shoe to drop
Wait for your ship to come in
Wake-up and smell the coffee
Wake-up call
Wake-up on the wrong side of the bed
Walk on the wild side
Walk on eggshells
Washed up
Watching the clock
Wave the white flag
Wear many hats
Wear your heart out on your sleeve
Wet behind the ears
Wet blanket
Whatever floats your boat
Whatever tickles your fancy
Whatever turns you on
When all is said and done
When hell freezes over
When it rains, it pours
When pigs fly
When push comes to shove
Whistling in the dark
Whole nine yards
Wing it
Wipe the slate clean
Witch hunt
Work into a lather
Work like a dog
Work the crowd
Work the room
Work your fingers to the bone
Worm has turned
Worry wart
Worth its weight in gold
Wound tighter than a spring
Wrong side of the tracks

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist