Malapropisms Know Your Homonyms

Commonly Misused Homophones

Malapropism: the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one of similar sound, as in "He preceded to follow me" or "I plucked the flower’s last pedal."

accessary, accessoryleach, leech
ad, addlead, led
ail, aleleak, leek
air, heirlean, lien
aisle, I’ll, islelessen, lesson
all, awllevee, levy
allowed, aloudliar, lyre
alms, armslicence, license
altar, alterlicker, liquor
arc, arklie, lye
aren’t, auntlieu, loo
ate, eightlinks, lynx
auger, augurlo, low
auk, orcload, lode
aural, oralloan, lone
away, aweighlocks, lox
awe, oar, or, oreloop, loupe
axel, axleloot, lute
aye, eye, Imade, maid
bail, balemail, male
bait, batemain, mane
baize, baysmaize, maze
bald, bawledmall, maul
ball, bawlmanna, manner
band, bannedmantel, mantle
bard, barredmare, mayor
bare, bearmark, marque
bark, barquemarshal, martial
baron, barrenmarten, martin
base, bassmask, masque
bay, beymaw, more
bazaar, bizarreme, mi
be, beemean, mien
beach, beechmeat, meet, mete
bean, beenmedal, meddle
beat, beetmetal, mettle
beau, bowmeter, metre
beer, biermight, mite
bel, bell, belleminer, minor, mynah
berry, burymind, mined
berth, birthmissed, mist
bight, bite, bytemoat, mote
billed, buildmode, mowed
bitten, bitternmoor, more
blew, bluemoose, mousse
bloc, blockmorning, mourning
boar, boremuscle, mussel
board, borednaval, navel
boarder, bordernay, neigh
bold, bowlednigh, nye
boos, boozenone, nun
born, borneod, odd
bough, bowode, owed
boy, buoyoh, owe
brae, brayone, won
braid, brayedpacked, pact
braise, brays, brazepacks, pax
brake, breakpail, pale
bread, bredpain, pane
brews, bruisepair, pare, pear
bridal, bridlepalate, palette, pallet
broach, broochpascal, paschal
bur, burrpaten, patten, pattern
but, buttpause, paws, pores, pours
buy, by, byepawn, porn
buyer, byrepea, pee
calendar, calenderpeace, piece
call, caulpeak, peek, peke, pique
canvas, canvasspeal, peel
cast, castepearl, purl
caster, castorpedal, peddle, petal
caught, courtpeer, pier
caw, core, corpspi, pie
cede, seedpica, pika
ceiling, sealingplace, plaice
cell, sellplain, plane
censer, censor, sensorpleas, please
cent, scent, sentplum, plumb
cereal, serialpole, poll
cheap, cheeppoof, pouffe
check, chequepractice, practise
choir, quirepraise, prays, preys
chord, cordprincipal, principle
cite, sight, siteprofit, prophet
clack, claquequarts, quartz
clew, cluequean, queen
climb, climerain, reign, rein
close, clozeraise, rays, raze
coal, kohlrap, wrap
coarse, courseraw, roar
coign, coinread, reed
colonel, kernelread, red
complacent, complaisantreal, reel
complement, complimentreek, wreak
coo, couprest, wrest
cops, copseretch, wretch
council, counselreview, revue
cousin, cozenrheum, room
creak, creekright, rite, wright, write
crews, cruisering, wring
cue, kyu, queueroad, rode
curb, kerbroe, row
currant, currentrole, roll
cymbol, symbolroo, roux, rue
dam, damnrood, rude
days, dazeroot, route
dear, deerrose, rows
descent, dissentrota, rotor
desert, dessertrote, wrote
deviser, divisorrough, ruff
dew, duerouse, rows
die, dyerung, wrung
discreet, discreterye, wry
doe, doh, doughsaver, savour
done, dunspade, spayed
douse, dowsesale, sail
draft, draughtsane, seine
dual, duelsatire, satyr
earn, urnsauce, source
eery, eyriesaw, soar, sore
ewe, yew, youscene, seen
faint, feintscull, skull
fah, farsea, see
fair, fareseam, seem
farther, fathersear, seer, sere
fate, fêteseas, sees, seize
faun, fawnsew, so, sow
fay, feyshake, sheikh
faze, phaseshear, sheer
feat, feetshoe, shoo
ferrule, ferulesic, sick
few, phewside, sighed
fie, phisign, sine
file, phialsink, synch
find, finedslay, sleigh
fir, fursloe, slow
fizz, phizsole, soul
flair, flaresome, sum
flaw, floorson, sun
flea, fleesort, sought
flex, flecksspa, spar
flew, flu, fluestaid, stayed
floe, flowstair, stare
flour, flowerstake, steak
foaled, foldstalk, stork
for, fore, fourstationary, stationery
foreword, forwardsteal, steel
fort, foughtstile, style
forth, fourthstorey, story
foul, fowlstraight, strait
franc, franksweet, suite
freeze, friezeswat, swot
friar, fryertacks, tax
furs, furzetale, tail
gait, gatetalk, torque
galipot, gallipottare, tear
gallop, galoptaught, taut, tort
gamble, gambolte, tea, tee
gays, gazeteam, teem
genes, jeanstear, tier
gild, guildteas, tease
gilt, guiltterce, terse
giro, gyrotern, turn
gnaw, northere, their, they’re
gneiss, nicethrew, through
gorilla, guerillathroes, throws
grate, greatthrone, thrown
greave, grievethyme, time
greys, grazetic, tick
grisly, grizzlytide, tied
groan, growntire, tyre
guessed, guestto, too, two
hail, haletoad, toed, towed
hair, haretold, tolled
hall, haultole, toll
hangar, hangerton, tun
hart, hearttor, tore
haw, hoar, whoretough, tuff
hay, heytroop, troupe
heal, heel, he’lltuba, tuber
hear, herevain, vane, vein
heard, herdvale, veil
he’d, heedvial, vile
heroin, heroinewail, wale, whale
hew, huewain, wane
hi, highwaist, waste
higher, hirewait, weight
him, hymnwaive, wave
ho, hoewall, waul
hoard, hordewar, wore
hoarse, horseware, wear, where
holey, holy, whollywarn, worn
hour, ourwart, wort
idle, idolwatt, what
in, innwax, whacks
indict, inditeway, weigh, whey
it’s, itswe, wee, whee
jewel, jouleweak, week
key, quaywe’d, weed
knave, naveweal, we’ll, wheel
knead, needwean, ween
knew, newweather, whether
knight, nightweaver, weever
knit, nitweir, we’re
knob, nobwere, whirr
knock, nockwet, whet
knot, notwheald, wheeled
know, nowhich, witch
knows, nosewhig, wig
laager, lagerwhile, wile
lac, lackwhine, wine
lade, laidwhirl, whorl
lain, lanewhirled, world
lam, lambwhit, wit
laps, lapsewhite, wight
larva, lavawho’s, whose
lase, lazewoe, whoa
law, lorewood, would
lay, leyyaw, yore, your, you’re
lea, leeyoke, yolk
you’ll, yule
Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist