English Exclamations P - W

English Exclamations E – N

Here is a list of English interjections (words that have no grammatical meaning but signify emotions, such as "Aha" and "Wow"). Like the sounds, most interjections can be modified by stretching them out, such as "aaaaaah!" or "awwwwwww!".

E, FHI – N
easy does ithamana-hamana-hamanaI’ll drink to that
eat my dusthands offIchabod
eawhands upick
ecky thumphardlyin your face
eehardy har harin-f-ing-credible
eewhawjeepers creepers
eff allheaven forbidjeez
egadheckJeezum Crow
ehhee-hawJiminey Cricket
elephant juicehee-heeJudas Priest
en gardehell and tommyjumping Jehoshaphat
encorehell nojumping Jesus
end quotehell or high waterjust kidding
endquotehell’s bellsjust wondering
erhell’s teethKa-ching
euoihello yourself, and see how you like itkaboom
eurghhere we go againkazaam
every man for himselfhey rubekerblam
evil laughhey upkerboom
ewhip hip hooraykerching
exactlyhocus pocuskerplunk
F offholy kamolykerpow
fair enoughholy mackerelkersplat
fair suck of the sauce bottleholy molyla-de-da
fair suck of the savholy shitland ahoy
fee-fi-fo-fumholy smokelawks a-mercy
fiddlestickshooielest we forget
fire in the holehoorahlikee
flaming Norahooraylo and behold
foggetaboutithooweeLord love a duck
for certainhooyahLord willing
for cryin’ out loudhorse featherslordy
for God’s sakehot damnmamma mia
for my moneyhot diggety dogman
for shamehowdyman overboard
for the love of Godhubba hubbamost certainly
for the love of Mikehuhmother of pearl
front and centerhumbugmy sainted aunt
f- a duckhumphmy word
f- me backwardshunhno can do
f-k-a-doodle-doohurrahno duh
f-kaduckhurrayno kidding
f- Ahushabyno prob
f-ityhuzzahno shit
f-shitno shit, Sherlock
fuddle-duddleno way
fuhgeddabouditno worries
full marksnot even
full stopnota bene
nudge nudge wink wink
Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist