English Exclamations P - W

English Exclamations P – W

Here is a list of English interjections (words that have no grammatical meaning but signify emotions, such as "Aha" and "Wow"). Like the sounds, most interjections can be modified by stretching them out, such as "aaaaaah!" or "awwwwwww!".

P Usaints aliveta taugh
pardonsavvyta ta for nowuh
peacesayta-dauh huh
peace outsay whata-rauh oh
peas and ricesayonaratake a hikeuh uh
periodschwingtake careullo
perish the thoughtscrew youtake thatum
pew‘scusetally houmm
pfaughsee yatee heeuncle
pfffshthank Godunderstood
pfftshamethank goodnessunquote
pfuishame on youthank heavensupsadaisy
phewshame, shamethank youva-va-voom
phooeyshazaamthank’eevery well
pip pipshazbotthat’s just mevoilà
pish poshsheeshthe dickensvroom
pistols at dawnshhthe hell with itwacko
plonkshit fire and save matchesthere ya gowakey wakey
ploopshit the bedthink fastway to go
point takenshitethink of the childrenwell
pooshoothiswell done
poofshooptick tockwell said
poor diddumsshoottime outwell, I never
popshoot meto say the leastwell, well
poufshuckstodah rabahwhaddayaknow
powsis boom bahtoo much informationwhaddayamean
pray tellsleep tighttoodeloowhaddayasay
prestosnakes alivetoodle pipwhaddayathink
presto change-osnaptoodleswhaddayawant
pretty pleasesotouch woodwhaddup
pshawso longtouchéwhallah
psstso theretoughwham, bam, thank you ma’am
psycheso whattough cookieswhammo
quitesome peopletough luckwhap
quoi ci quoi çasuck itTQwhat
rahsure thingtra-la-lawhat a way to go
rat-tat-tatsurprise surprisetrick or treatwhat in the world
ratstruth be toldwhat it do
rawrtsk tskwhat the…?
ready aboutwhat up
ready, aim, firewhat’s cooking
reallywhat’s happening
red alertwhat’s shaking
right onwhatever creams your twinkie
rightiowhatever floats your boat
rock onwhatsay
roger thatwhee
roll on
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The Unnovelist