Writing Animal Sounds

Writing Animal Sounds

The following animal sounds can be used as either nouns or verbs. Many are onomatopoeia and as such, can be spelled as the writer hears them.

Apes: gibber

Lambs bleat

Bears growl: Grrr

Guinea pigs squeak

Bees: hum and buzz

Hares squeak

Beetles drone

Hawks scream

Birds chirrup, chirp, tweet, and sing: Bird song

Hens cluck

Bitterns boom

Horses neigh or whinny

Blackbirds whistle

Guinea pigs squeak

Bulls bellow

Hyenas laugh

Calves bleat

Jays chatter

Cats mew, purr, meow and caterwaul

Linnets chuckle

Cattle low

Lions roar

Chaffinches fink

Magpies chatter

Chicks cheep

Mice squeak and squeal

Chickens buck

Monkeys: gibber

Cocks crow

Nightingales: pipe and warble

Cows moo

Owls: screech, shriek, and hoot

Crows caw

Oxen low

Cuckoos cuckoo

Parrots talk

Deer bell

Peacocks scream

Dogs bark, bay, growl, howl, whine, yip, and yap

Pigs grunt and squeal

Dolphins click

Pigeons coo

Donkeys bray

Raccoons chitter

Doves coo

Ravens croak

Ducks quack

Rooks caw

Eagles: scream

Sheep bleat

Elephants: trumpet

Snakes hiss

Falcons: chant

Sparrows chirp

Ferrets: dook

Stags bellow and call

Flies buzz

Swallows twitter

Foxes bark and yelp

Swans cry (also sing before dying: swan song)

Frogs croak

Tigers growl

Giant pandas bleat

Thrushes whistle

Girrafes bleat

Turkeys gobble

Goats bleat

Vultures scream

Geese cackle and hiss or honk

Walruses ort

Grasshoppers chirp: stridulation

Whales sing: Whale song.

Kittens mewl

Wolves howl

Written by The UnNovelist
The Unnovelist